Outstanding Legal Counsel

As a past and current client of the Hatley Law Firm, I can personally endorse the outstanding legal service provided by Ms. Hatley and her staff. Ms. Hatley is not only an exceptional legal counsel, she is also a very caring, honest, and understanding person. Her firm consistently gives priority to the legal needs of their clients and effectively and successfully addresses them. The Hatley Law Firm has been my choice for legal counsel and now, also the choice of the family members and co-workers to which I have recommended Ms. Hatley.

-Lee, 2015

Professional Legal Representation

The minute I walked into the law office of Angela Hatley, I knew I was in the right place. I was confused and anxious. A disgruntled parent had turned me into my Professional Board to pursue disciplinary action (the nightmare of all clinicians) and I needed legal representation. Ms. Hatley’s staff was warm and inviting. Ms. Hatley entered the room to greet me. She took all my paperwork and files “to read immediately”. Within two days, my Board had a letter stating she would be representing me, the allegations were false, and she would be on the case to give evidence to this obvious conclusion.

Ms. Hatley proved herself to possess the qualities everyone hopes for in their attorney. She was reassuring and in control. Being an RN as well as an attorney, she possesses an impressive competence when working with medical boards. She did not hesitate to immediately schedule a deposition, and was highly skilled when arguing and contesting the information being presented by Board Professionals. She made me feel well defended and protected throughout the process. She eased my fears and was consistently encouraging.

My case was dismissed prior to any scheduled Bd. hearings. I am sure this very positive outcome is the direct result of Ms. Hatley’s medical and legal expertise. She was strong and confident throughout the proceedings, and I am sure she represents her Family Law cases with equal respect and commitment. I highly recommend her to professionals and families in the Fayetteville area needing legal representation.

-Alida S. Mason LCSW LPC
The Haymount Institute for Psychological Services

Strong Endorsement from Single Military Father

I have been a client of Ms Hatley since 2008. Angela without a doubt is the best lawyer I have ever known and I have worked with many lawyers in my professional career and my personal situations. My situation started with me having my daughter being taken from me by my x in a very underhanded way after my 15 month brutal deployment to Iraq. With Angela’s help, I later my obtained custody. As with all service members and being male in a town like Fayetteville the cards were definitely stacked against me. But Angela and I never gave up during the 3 year battle. She worked a payment program with me because I was In a bad financial situation due to having to pay child support and my x leaving me with numerous unpaid bills and expenses. Over time we slowly built a strong case. I never in my wildest dreams thought we would win but we did. Now years later my daughter and I are thriving and I have been promoted numerous times and my life and career is on track. Some day I might write a book on my experiences to help service members going through divorce and custody. Angela and I have kept a strong relationship to this day and she checks on us. I have also kept employing her services as residual situations with my x continue, such as her not paying child support. I would recommend you approach divorce like a long war and build a strong relationship with your lawyer. Angela gets that and never leaves your side. Also do not go into this fight on the cheap or you will not win. I basically knew this would be the case. All in all I spent approx $15k over the three years and was given time after to pay it off. It was worth every penny and I don’t pay child support. In fact I get a check every month.

-Jimmy, 2014 client

Child Custody/Divorce

Took my case on short notice and immediately got custody of my son returned to me–she really cares about her clients and takes steps to make sure that the client feels comfortable in this difficult process.

-2013 Client

Best Lawyer in Fayetteville, NC

I just want to express my sincerest gratitude towards Angela Hatley and her excellent staff! I can’t say enough about them. I’m a single father who had his kids taken away from him about a month ago due to serious allegations which involved: -potential criminal child abuse charges -restraining order -two of my family members testifying against me -Court continued 3 weeks in a row (During which I was never able to address the allegations once) -DSS worker who stated on the stand, “High concerns” with my children living with me, that she recommended I should “undergo anger management classes before I was allowed unsupervised visitation.” During those three weeks of continued heartbreak I was so anxious to plead my case I actually stood up before the judge without being called on and was almost held into contempt. I’m so thankful for Mrs. Hatley’s diligence for calming me down and reiterating the importance for me to control my emotions. She was very patient and understanding with me (even though I was so emotional I had an attention span like a fish). It turns out I NEVER EVEN HAD TO TESTIFY! The confidence and experience of Mrs. Hatley controlled the courtroom, and exposed all these allegations to be non credible, despite what DSS had said. She demanded respect in the court room, while she talked no one dared interrupt. The criminal abuse charges were dropped, anger management dropped, and was awarded primary custody of my kids. I NEVER EVEN HAD TO TESTIFY! GOD IS SO GRACIOUS TO HAVE LED ME TO MRS. HATLEY! Despite my constant worrying, I truly felt that Mrs Hatley shared my grief with me, and took my case personal and to her own heart. All the while I was so anxious to plead my case I almost got held into contempt for speaking without being called, when all along I didn’t have to be anxious on nothing, but pray and put my faith in God. God had Mrs. Hatley do all the talking for me, and I’m so greatful to HIM for her. If your not confident in your case because the world seems to be against you, consult the Hatley Law firm! Thank-you and God Bless

-2013 Client