Social Security Disability Lawyer

Fighting for those who have been denied the benefits they deserve.

Have you been denied the social security disability you deserve? Do you have questions about your rights and qualifications for being paid under the government’s SSDI or SSI programs? Angela Hatley is an expert in Social Security Disability Law and has extensive experience in handling cases here in North Carolina. When you have a local social security lawyer on your side, you no longer have to worry about the huge burden you face. Angela Hatley has both the legal and medical background to give you the advantage you need to appeal the Social Security Disability claim that was denied.

Angela Hatley works with several medical professionals and physicians from various backgrounds who can ensure that the important medical evidence needed is in place and available to the judge presiding over the case. Documentations about your limitation will be gathered, treating physicians will be interviewed for statements and a functional capacity evaluation will be performed. When The Hatley Law Firm handles your SSDI or SSI claim, we take care of everything for you.

Those entitled to Social Security Disability benefits who have been denied need an aggressive lawyer like Angela Hatley who is also knowledgeable in both the legal and medical fields. If you have a legitimate Social Security Disability Claim denied, don’t give up. Contact The Hatley Law Firm at 910-485-8888 to schedule your initial consultation today.

Angela Hatley is recognized as one of the best Fayetteville, North Carolina Social Security Disability Lawyers in the area for both Cumberland County and Hoke County.


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