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One of the most important things you can do before or during a divorce is to get a full understanding of you and your spouse’s finances. While the process of determining spousal support and property division can be complex, The Hatley Law Firm has the experience and knowledge in how to handle valuation issues of properties, businesses, licenses and investment holdings. Even if any assets are being hidden, The Hatley Law Firm will conduct a detailed search to find them.

Arriving at a resolution that has the client’s best interests in mind is Angela Hatley’s main priority. There will be several steps involved in litigating spousal support and/or division of marital property assets during the divorce, but Angela Hatley will fight to make sure your financial future is secure. If a claim for spousal support is filed in court, a temporary determination will be made based on the expenses and needs of the dependent spouse. The parties involved will then attend a mediation to see if an agreement about the marital assets can be reached. If mediation fails, Angela Hatley is prepared to assertively litigate the matter through trial. She has been recognized to successfully gain hundreds of clients the support and assets they deserve from their divorce.

Contact The Hatley Law Firm today to schedule your initial consultation so you can begin the process of protecting what is rightfully yours. Angela Hatley is recognized as one of the best Divorce Lawyers in Fayetteville, North Carolina for Cumberland County Family Law.

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