Military Divorce

Experienced Military Divorce Lawyer

Angela Hatley is dedicated to the representation of the men and women who serve or who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Hatley Law Firm is one of the leading military law firms who represent Fort Bragg and Pope AFB in North Carolina.

Angela Hatley recognizes that divorce cases within the military are not like other divorces and involve additional legal issues. When a military family goes through a divorce, there are unique circumstances that influence decisions and outcomes. That is where Angela Hatley’s years of experience representing military families has earned her the reputation for acquiring more favorable decisions and fairer outcomes for her clients.

There are many questions military families have during a divorce regarding things like child custody, visitation, spousal and child support, health insurance, housing, relocation, divorce while deployed, VA disability pay and military pensions. Angela Hatley understands the rules regarding military divorce, and her specialized knowledge and experience can help protect a service member’s pension from being unfairly divided, or help a military spouse obtain concurrent pay and survivor benefits.

When it comes to divorce in the military, Angela Hatley has the knowledge and the experience to successfully protect the rights of our US Armed Forces and their spouses.

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